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Day 10

Finally getting off campus and being in a bustling part of the city

Hitching a ride with the RCAC fellows from campus to downtown

Getting caught in the rain with no umbrella and the wrong shoes

Seeing some pretty fantastic art at the Pera Museum

Successfully using public transit to get back to my apartment

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Day 9

Finally getting my class schedule all sorted out and having a better idea of my routine


Running around campus trying to get papers signed only to continually miss each person


Hogging the library printer because I need to print and bind the 350 page Greek text I will be translating this semester only to have the printer run out of paper


Having a delicious kick-off dinner with the other graduates in the Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities 




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Day 8

Thinking you get to sleep in because class doesn’t start until 4 but then realize you have to wake up at 6am for an appointment

The only benefit of being up so early was getting this view of the sun rising from campus

Being stuck at the emniyet müdürlüğü for 8 hours in an effort to get my residence permit

Getting home after the headache that was today

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Day 6

Finding new, comfy places on campus to hang out/work

That feeling when you know every single location/object/artifact that your professor talks about in lecture and are asked to expand upon certain topics to the rest of your classmates

Realizing you have over 150 pages of reading for one class due tomorrow

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